• Dresser / Cabinet

  • Dresser / Cabinet

  • Dresser Top

  • Dresser Top

  • Dresser Bottom

  • Lock and key

  • Detailed Top

  • Dresser Top

  • Inside Dresser Bottom

  • Dresser Top

  • Door

  • Dresser

Shabby Chic Dresser / Cabinet (SOLD)


Beautiful and most unusual shabby chic dresser / cabinet.

This is a really gorgeous piece of furniture and very unusual in its design. It would look amazing in any room.

It is made of solid wood and has inlaid detailing on the bottom shelf. The glass doors have beautiful detailing on each pane and the glass has a green tint to it.

There is also lovely carved detail on the top, side panels and insets in the bottom doors.

There is a key which fits all the locks but the lock on the bottom right door does not work, although the door shuts well and stays shut.

The dimensions are :- width 51 inches, depth 20 inches, height 69 inches.

Price £325.00