• Console Table & Mirror

  • Dining Room featuring Bookcase

  • Lounge

  • Dining Room

  • TV Cabinet

  • Console Table & Mirror

  • Small Side Table

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  • S17_5299

  • S17_5300

  • S17_5301

  • S17_5302

  • S17_5306

  • S17_5308

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  • S17_5314

Lisa & Alistair

 Lisa and Alistair asked me to give their bookcase, TV cabinet and side table a new fresh look from the dark mahogany wood it once was so I gave the furniture a new look by painting it in country grey which gave it a bright appearance and it blended well with their new decor. They then wanted me to source and paint a pretty console table and mirror to match the other pieces.

The pictures show how the furniture blends together and complements its surroundings.

Lisa and Alistair were delighted with the results.