• Bed 1-1

  • Bedroom 2 Dressing Chest & Wardrobe

  • Bedroom 2 Dressing Chest & Wardrobe

  • Bedroom 2 Bedside

  • Bedroom 2 Dressing Chest

  • Bed 3 - 1

  • Bedroom 1 Drawers

  • Bedroom 1

  • Bedroom 1

  • Bedroom 1

  • Master Bedroom Drawers

  • Master Bed

  • Master Bed - 3

  • Master Bed - 4

  • Master Bedroom

  • Master Bedroom

  • Victorian Bookcase..

  • Victorian Bookcase

  • Bed 1-4

  • Bed 3 - 5

Juliet & Ian Agar

I was delighted when Juliet rang me to ask if would help her to furnish their new holiday home. Over coffer we discussed what was needed for the house and what ideas I had. Although the house is a brand new build I felt it would be lovely to bring in some old vintage styles of furniture such as the Edwardian wardrobe in bedroom 2 along with the very stylish but again vintage dressing chest both painted in duck egg blue (beachy and beautiful). Bedroom 1 has a gorgeous set of ┬áVictorian drawers mixed with pine bedsides and a pine cheval mirror and a berger chair reupholstered with a check fabric, all painted again in duck egg. ┬áThe master bedroom has a beautiful set of Edwardian drawers and vintage bedsides with lovely Queen Anne legs. All these pieces look amazing with Juliet’s choice of beautiful beds and bedding.

I persuaded Juliet to go for a very old Victorian bookcase in the lounge which looks lovely mixed in with Juliet’s more modern couch and coffee table, I also found her a very large gorgeous gilt framed mirror for the main wall.

Juliet and Ian were thrilled with the pieces I chose for them and I hope their guests will enjoy them too.