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  • Bookcase

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Gorgeous Shabby Chic Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase with Desk (SOLD)

This is a really stunning piece of furniture.

The bookcase is made from solid mahogany wood with very intricate detailing on the glass front. There is a lovely desk built into the middle section on the bottom half.

The shelves inside are made of wood and are very sturdy. This gorgeous piece could be used in the kitchen if desired to hold many pots, plates, glasses etc or in the lounge or dining room filled with books, pictures are whatever you like.

It has been painted in a very soft cream with a darker hue, due to its size I have kept it quite light in colour.

The dimensions are.. 71 inches wide,  17 inches deep to the widest point, 83 inches high.

Please contact me for delivery prices.

Price £345.00