• Di's Clinic (Di's Room). 1

  • Di's Clinic (Di's Room)

  • Di's Clinic (Pete's Room) 2

  • Di's Clinic (Pete's Room) 10

  • Di's Clinic Kitchen 10

  • Di's Clinic Reception. 2

  • Di's Clinic Reception. 3

  • Di's Clinic Room 1

Active Aims Limited Loughborough

I was very happy to be given the huge task of providing the furniture and creating the wonderful atmosphere for a clinic in Loughborough called Active Aims Limited.

Active Aims deals with everything form weight loss to stress management and when Di came to see me she wanted me to focus on a  calming and relaxing atmosphere for her clients so I gave the clinic a homely, soft french feel, giving colour and ambiance to each room. Stop sitting and doing nothing! Change everything here and now with poker oyna online! Don't wait a second!

This was a very enjoyable but challenging project having six rooms to complete.


t. 01509 218 700
e. ku.oc.smiaevitcanull@id

Ruth did an amazing job of creating just the look for my clinic that I was looking for. Thank you so much. Highly recommended. Di Fisher

Di Fisher, Active Aims Limited