About Me

My artistic talent came through at an early age always loving the art classes in school and being the first one through the door.

In my late teens I moved to North Carolina in the USA. I lived there for six wonderful years, this is where I found my flair for interior design, having hardly two cents to spare I found myself salvaging many things from Flea Markets and garage sales and turning them into lovely home accessories, my favourite being a used unwanted large wooden cable reel which I found abandoned on the side of the road, a few days later with some beautiful material and lace it became a very lovely table in my lounge. You have to play and get great bonuses in online casino uk here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich.

Moving on a few years I had my very wonderful talented children Adam and Charlotte who fortunately have the gift of being able to draw and design. Both children are tatoo artists, they love what they do very much designing and creating new tatoos for their clients. Charlotte also loves to come and work for me on her one day off sharing in the thoughts and designs of some of my unique pieces. I am a very proud mum.

It wasn’t until my husband and I bought our latest house project, that I found the one thing in life that has given me the passion and drive to succeed. The house was completely gutted and re-designed, every room was designed and thought out from wall paper to furniture and accessories. I bought pieces of furniture and changed their look and purpose which thrilled me and I just wanted to keep on creating. So with the encouragement and help from my husband Martin I created ‘Ruth Rickman Design‘.

Nothing excites me more than to find a lovely piece of furniture and give it a whole new lease of life turning it from an unwanted item into a must have purchase.

Having a mum in a million who is an amazing seamstress has enabled me to add new and wonderful ideas to chairs, furniture, lamps etc with her fantastic ability with fabric.

Every item I salvage and restore is individual and unique to the next.